Obeying God and His messengers

Being a Muslims requires us to have a firm belief in Allah and His Messengers. Allah has stated several times in His books that one will not have complete faith in Islam until he believes in Allah and His messengers.

The Quran says, “A release from ‘Allah and His Messenger’ from the treaty you [believers] made with the idolaters” (Qur’an 9:1)

The Holy Quran is a complete code of life.

It is a  comprehensive book which deals with all the aspects of life. It shows the Muslims the right path and guides them. It is a book which has teachings and guidance for the mankinds, whatever age group. It has verses and Ayats which highlight what Allah would want from us. The Holy Quran constantly stresses upon the need to obey Allahs messengers. The Holy Quran even mentiones all the messengers that were send before Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.

Quran further says, “Whoever obeys the Messenger obeys Allah. If some pay no heed, We have not sent you to be their keeper.” (Qur’an 4:80)

Moreover, it is very important to obey Allah’s messenger,

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. It is one of the basic criteria for true devoter of Islam. No one among the companions of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH ever heard of Allah’s revelations with their own ears? No one has. They believed the Islamic teachings through the messenger of Allah. This made it very significant to obey and listen to what the messenger of Allah had to say.

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH did not just deliver the Quran to his people. He remained with them and gave his own example to the mankind. He carried out all the Islamic teachings himself to highlight what Allah wants from them, that what is the right path to follow. He did not abandon his people, once the revelation were revealed. In fact, he stayed around to spent all his years with his people.

Obeying Allah and obeying the messenger, do not go separately. These two are to be followed together. Islam does not want us to obey Allah and not obey His messenger, or vice versa. When the messenger of Allah started praeching Islam, the people stated how they already obey the stone idols and the sculptures. They stated how they already have a God. Holy Prophet PBUH remained devoted to his task of spreading Islam and continued to address the people how they need to worship Allah and His messenger together.

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH became an example himself of the Islamic teachings and guidance.

The Prophet upheld all that Allah asked from His mankind. The sayings of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, which are called Hadith are followed by all the Muslims as a source of guidance. There is no Hadith which would contradict or talk against that is present in the Holy Quran. In this way, both the Holy Quran and the Hadith are working together to support Islam and the need to obey Allah and His messenger.