How to Learn Quran

First of all introduction of The Holy Quran,

The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the sacred text of the Muslims. It is the expression of God as imparted to the Holy Prophet Muhammad on various events from the time God made him a Prophet, when he was 40 years old, till his passing (during the years 609-632 C.E.). Every one of these disclosures, got at different occasions over this time of 23 years, were orchestrated in a set request by the Holy Prophet, and they make up the Holy Quran.

It is divided into 114 sections. Every part, called a Sura in Arabic, comprises of various sections, each verse being called an Ayat. A few parts were completely or to a great extent uncovered to the Holy Prophet during the initial 13 years of his central goal when he lived in Makka, and the rest after his displacement to the city of Madina. Sections for the most part uncovered at Makka are called Makki, and those uncovered at Madina are called Madani. While the sections are of shifting lengths, the Holy Quran is likewise divided into 30 practically equivalent amounts of, each part being known as a juz (or separa in Urdu and Persian). This division is essentially to empower a reader to complete the reading of the Holy Book in one month. Muslim Communities launches many Quran Pak organization like Madarsa, Home Tutors and Online Quran Learning Centers to learn Quran.  If you are living any part of the world except Asia. The best way to Learn Quran is online either via Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messengers etc. Many Organizations are working in this line. we are one of those who help you to learn Quran by our Experienced Qari and Qariah. 

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