Tutor Quran is an online Quran academy which is providing several courses of Holy Quran at ease of your home. We are providing complete solution of your Quranic education by having both male and female Quran teachers in economical fee. Teachers are being selected after trials and after seeing proofs of their degrees and proofs of their Hafiz/Hafiza. So we are providing quality service to you. Being a Muslim, we understand the importance of Quranic Education. We understand this fact that how much it is important to learn Quran when now a days there is no proper guidance and people believe on superstitions just due to lack of guidance. We must have proper knowledge of Quranic education to be a true practicing Muslim and our platform is providing same services for our students. You just have to enroll with us and then get ready to learn from our teachers who are well experienced and have command on their subjects.


We are teaching Quran online via skype and WhatsApp. You just have to make your skype id and then our representative will contact with you and he/she will give you details of your course. Then your Quran teacher will be assigned to you according to your requirements. Even you can contact with us via WhatsApp and your online classes can be taken on Whatsapp. You will not have to worry about your privacy of your whatsapp number. You are totally secure by enrolling with our academy and your whatsapp number will be in safe hands. We are offering multiple courses online so you have to select course. Free trial classes will be provided to you and upon your satisfaction enrolment of your course will be done. So now isn’t it easier to learn Quran by just sitting at your home? We have made it a way easier for females by having female Quran teachers. So female students will be safe and secure by enrolling in our Quran academy.


To recite Holy Quran with its proper pronunciation is even more important. Tajweed has some rules and without following Tajweed rules true meaning of Quranic words can be changed. So it is necessary to learn Holy Quran with proper Tajweed. Arabic is not our native language. Just like we have to learn English to compete in exams and in our practical life similarly there is need of learning Arabic language to understand the meaning of Quran. And there is always need to take help from any teacher to learn Holy Quran. We don’t only offer Tajweed courses but we also offer courses related to Islamic Education. We also teach proper way of offering prayer and Urdu Translation of Holy Quran. We are providing these services to all age groups. You don’t have to worry about anything if you are facing any problem. Our customer care service is available for 24 hours so you can contact with us at any time if you are facing any problem.