Method of Performing The Tahajjud Prayer

Importance and Method of Performing The Tahajjud Prayer Tahajjud Prayer is an act of Muslims carried out in the final third of the night to ask Allah for His blessings and forgiveness. It is not farz, compulsory. It has to be offered once the person wakes up from sleep. It cannot be offered after Isha nor before Fajr. It has its own important time which is fixed.⇒

Timing of the Tahajjud Prayer 

The exact time of Tahajjud prayer is varied from place to place due to the rising of the sun. However, it is offered in the last third of the night. Abu Hurairah reports that the Messenger of Allah (saws) said: “Our Lord Descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, inquiring: ‘Who will call on Me so that I may respond to him? Who is asking something of Me so I may give it to him? Who is asking for My forgiveness so I may forgive him?”‘

Moreover, Hazrat Aisha narrates, “ Allah’s Apostle used to offer eleven Rakat and that was his prayer. He used to prolong the prostration to such an extent that one could recite fifty verses (of the Quran) before he would lift his head. He used to pray two Rakat (Sunna) before the Fajr prayer and then used to lie down on his right side till the call-maker came and informed him about the prayer.” (Bukhari)

Method of performing Tahajjud Prayer

  • At first you are required to make up your mind and wake up in the last part of the night.
  • You are then required to perform Ablution, Wudu. Be sure that the place where you are about to pray Tahajjud is clean and tidy.
  • You need to find a place where there are no distractions. The place should be quiet and peaceful.
  • Remove any kinds of thought from your mind. You are about to stand before Allah and attaining His mercy.
  • Muslims are required to perform two rakats minimum in Tahajjud. It depends upon your will. If you want to perform more rakats you can.
  • You can pray Tahajjud with your family member too. In this way, not only will attain His blessings but also the person praying alongside you.
  • Offer dua with heart. Allah listens to those who offer Tahajjud.

Importance of Tahajjud Prayer

  • The prayer gives the most blessings from Allah. As this is the prayer where Muslims are required to wake up from deep sleep.
  • Muslims receive greatest rewards from Allah.
  • Sins are forgiven at this time of the night if one asks with a lot of devotion and heart.
  • From waking up from deep sleep, performing ablution and seeking Allah’s forgiveness, all these acts highlight how the believer is able to defeat Satan. This victory indicates the true love and devotion towards Allah and His teachings.
  • Holy Prophet, peace be upon him said, “The best of prayers after the prescribed prayers is prayer in the depths of the night, and the best of fasting after the month of Ramadan is fasting the month of Allah, Muharram.”