Judgment Day in Quran

Judgment Day in Quran

All Muslims believe in the Day of Judgment. When a Muslim brings faith in Allah, he is also required to believe in the life after death. Islam states that the life on earth is a delusion, there will be a life after death. In the day of judgment, all the good and bad deeds will be highlighted by Allah The Almighty and all the people dead or alive will be answerable.

What does Islam say about the Judgment Day?

Islam states how the present life is only a trial preparation for the next realm of existence. Like Muslims. Christians also have the same belief. Allah talks about the life after death and the Day of Judgment in his Holy Books. In the Holy Quran there are many Ayats and Verses which explain the signs that will indicate the Day of Judgment is near. The day of Judgment will be the day when the whole universe will be destroyed. Any building no matter how strong it is, will collapse, as narrated by the Holy Quran.

This day will mark the beginning of the life which will never end.

And this day is called The Day of Judgment. Not just Muslims or Christians, all the people will be asked of their wrong deeds. Muslims who believed in Allah and his Oneness will be rewarded as stated in the Holy Quran. And those who believe and do good deeds, they are dwellers of Paradise, they dwell therein forever.  (Quran, 2:82) Those who did not have faith in Islam and its pillars will be punished. The Quran states, And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him and he will be one of the losers in the Hereafter. (Quran,  3:85)

Holy Prophet peace be upon him,

was sent to the mankind to guide the mankind and remind them of the day of judgment. The messengers which came before Holy Prophet peace be upon him, also addressed the mankind of this day. The life we live in is very short. This life and this world is temporary. The unbelievers on the Day of Judgment will believe that the life they lived was only for a day. After the Day of Judgment a new life will begin which will be more real than this one. The value of this world compared to the life after death is very small.

What are sign of the Day of Judgment?

There are several signs that indicate how the end is near. Quran mentioned several signs and indications. These signs are in no chronological order.

The signs that have already happened are as follows

  • The moon will split
  • The Death of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him.
  • Muslims will fight with each other in war.
  • Thirty people, also referred as Dajjal will appear saying that they are the prophets

Some further signs mentioned in the Holy Quran are as follows

  • Earthquakes will become more often
  • Time will pass very quickly
  • Man will fail to respect his fellow Muslim
  • Fitnah will enter every Arab household
  • Killing and bloodshed will increase
  • People will gather for prayer, but will be unable to find an imam to lead them.