Islamic education system

The education system of Islam aims to bring its followers towards a great educated life where people grow up to become more capable and strong.History of Islamic Education System The Islamic education had continued between the preaching of Islam. The first revelation that was revealed to Holy Prophet PBUH by Angel Jibrael, included, Iqra, meaning to read. Islam had stressed upon the need to be educated and to read and write since earlier times.

In the early stage, learned Muslims dedicated their time and devotion into helping children learn to recite and understand The Holy Quran. There was a need to teach Muslims kids to learn to read and recite since it was important to study the Holy Quran. The books at that time, could be found in masjids, private homes, shops or tents. By the middle of the eighth century there were a variety of books available at a variety of places. The need and desire to study the Holy Quran grew which is why the Holy Book was easily available.

The Holy Quran was able to give guidance concerning many social and economical issues.

People looked up to the Holy Quran in case of any issue that the scholars could not resolve. The Quran had a curriculum made which was directed to young male, starting at the age of five or six. There were several things that were highlighted and were important to study. As a beginner, things like, fasting, prayer and ablution were taught.

Later when the golden age begin,

the Islamic empire was giving birth to many scholars which had a high capability in the field of rational sciences, art and mathematics. Even literature was not spared. The Western Europe was far behind and stagnant when Muslim scholar and intellect flourished, ending up in the revelation of several theories and hypothesis. The Islamic world had contributed in botany, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc.

Goals of the Islamic Education System

  • Education, for Islam is a task where there is a complete grooming of the man. The Muslim is made a complete person by successfully understanding religion and the society.
  • According to Islam, the best example of a complete man is the Holy Prophet PBUH. Muslims are required to look up to him. His moral actions and ethics are to be considered while living in this temporary world. He is the model of perfection and has the highest rank.
  • Muslims need to grow in their spirit, intellect, feelings and bodily senses. When a Muslim is able to overcome all this, only then does he have the complete knowledge and power.
  • Education in Islam requires us to follow two things. Obtaining intellectual knowledge and developing spiritual knowledge.Islam is a complete religion which aims to correct a Muslim man and woman in every way possible. It is a religion which aims to build a character. To remind Muslims about the Day of Judgment so that they are able to give their best and also follow the example of Holy Prophet PBUH as instructed by Allah The Almighty.