Our Online Quran Academy provides several courses for you and for your family. One of these courses include, Learning Quran with Tajweed. Before we continue talking about Quran with Tajweed, we must first know what the meaning of Tajweed is.
What is Tajweed?
Tajweed is the set of rules for adequate pronunciation of the Holy Quran. It is a guide that helps Muslims learn how to read and recite the Holy Quran concerning the guidance as instructed by Allah.
When you read the Holy Quran you try to read it in the best way you can. This hard work helps you gain reward by Allah.
It is important to know the Tajweed rules that will help the reciter learn and understand the Holy Quran. Reading the Holy Quran without the Tajweed rules and regulations may lead to change in the meaning of the Quranic words. The reciter should make sure he doesn’t pronounce the words incorrectly or else, changing the Quranic words may be sinful.
We are aware of the fact that Arabic is not the native language of many of us Muslims. This is why, we aim to read the translation of the Holy Quran in English or Urdu to know the meaning of the Quranic verses and ayats.
The dialect of Quran is unique. It is not as similar to the regular Arabic language common. The Quraish had always taken pride in their Quraish dialect, however, Allah revealed the Holy Quran with its own special theme and style. This style of the recitation of the Holy Quran must be adopted by all the Muslims.
Reading the Holy Quran following the Tajweed rules means that all the Muslims are not only following the right trend, but, it also creates a unity among them. This creates an impression on how strong and united the Muslims are all across the world.
All you need to do is carry out some simple steps and you are good to go. You can obtain more information concerning our courses through email or phone numbers. We will make sure your call or message is not ignored. Till then, take care!
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