Eid ul Azha or Eide Qurban

Eid ul Azha or Eide Qurban is the most prestigious festival of Muslims. It is celebrated on 10 th of Zil Haj every year around the globe in the remembrance of Holy Act of our prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) when He was ready to forfeit their son Hazrat Ismail (A.S) for the happiness of Allah. Similarly, Muslims give sacrifice of their animals by following the footsteps of Hazrat Inrahi9m (A.S). its meat is divided into 3 parts- one for the poor families, one for the relatives and one for the family. In this holy month, Muslims from around the globe move towards Saudi Arabia to perform HAJJ and those Muslims who can not go there give sacrifice of their animals and celebrate Eid with their loved ones. The slaughtering of animals is done after offering Eid prayers. Muslims offer these Eid prayers in JAMIA MASAJIDS and then animals are slaughtered with TAKBEER. Muslims eat sweet dishes before going to MASAJIDS than regular breakfasts as it is SUNNAH to eat something sweet on Eid before offering prayer. Children and elders celebrate
Eid equally. Family gatherings, bbq parties are traditional way of celebrating eid. But there is hidden meaning of this Eid which e should understand and follow its teachings not only for the day of Eid but for whole life. The purpose of this Eid is not only to sacrifice animals but to share its happiness and other poor people too. Its purpose is to celebrate happiness with relatives to sacrifice our anger, to sacrifice the difference of rich and poor. Meat is given to poor families to eradicate the difference of rich and poor by giving a small part of food to poor families. It depicts that we as Muslim UMMAH are equally involved in their celebrations. We are happy when they are happy and we are sad when they face any difficulty and in their tough times. No one becomes poor by just giving a small portion of their food but it gives happiness to many poor families. And this is the actual meaning of QURBAANI– to sacrifice our egos, our anger just
for the sake of ALLAH. It does not mean that it is necessary to sacrifice expensive animals only just to show off others. Allah just needs our trues intentions that how much we are willing to sacrifice our egos for the sake of Allah and to act upon the sayings of Islam. As it is clearly mentioned in Quran Pak.

“ Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is the piety from you”

Sacrifice of animals can be done from 10 th of ZilHaj to 13 th of ZilHaj. It is still unclear about the total days of Eid ul Azha. Some people say there are 3 days in Eid ul Azha and some says there are 4 days in Eid ul Azha.

Well, either its 3 or 4 days celebrate your eid fully with your loved ones because this time will never come again.

Eid Mubarik to you all!!!!!