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Quran With English translation
Quran with English Translation When you read Quran in Arabic you must find it hard to understand its meaning, considering Arabic is not your native language. Is that so? Moreover, do you read Quran and you want to know the meaning behind it also? If the answer to these questions is affirmative then, im guessing this article will be a good guide for you.We are here to guide you in every step. To highlight not only the importance of The Holy Quran, but why should read it with its translation. All the verses and Ayats are translated in English so that we are able to understand them better and know if we are on the right path or not.Quran Online Classes The English Translation of Quran is not word to word, but it does translates and helps usunderstand our religion better.Why Read Quran With English Translation? Before we continue, let’s take a moment and decide why we are required to read Quran with its translation. There can be many reasons to support this statement. However, all these reasons contribute each other to prove that we should read Quran with its English translation as well.

It is a complete code of life

Quran is the last book that is revealed to the mankind. It was revealed to the land of Arabic. It is the book which provides a complete guidance to the mankind. Human beings can relate and find all their answers in this Holy Book. In this way, to understand the teachings of Quran even better it is ideal if we read Quran and also read its translation in English.

More Reward for Non Arabic Natives

We will be unable to understand its meaning if we do not read it with translation. There is extra reward if you read Quran, considering that Arabic is not your native language.Hazrat Abdullah ibn Ma’sood (R.A) narrates that Rasulullah ﷺsaid:“Those who attempt to read it with difficulty (because of their lack of familiarity with the language) will merit double rewards.” (Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood) There is extra reward given by Allah to the people who read Quran in Arabic who find it difficult to read Arabic.

Better Understanding of Islam and The Holy Quran

Muslims who read Quran with its Translation are able to understand Quran even better. They are able to know its meaning and the teachings of Holy Quran. A comprehensive analysis of things is done only if you know the meaning of it. In this way, reading the Quran with its translation means we are learning and understanding Quran in depth.

Fulfilling our Duty As A Muslim

It is however, our duty as Muslim to know about the teachings of Quran. We need to know about our warnings and prompts as mentioned by Allah SWT. It increases the significance of translation if we read Quran with its translation.